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6 thoughts on “Contact David”

  1. No one can serve 2 masters. You must choose one.
    No one can have a new husband and yet still pretend the dead one is calling the shots.
    The dead husband predicted that there would be a new better husband in the future.

    • George, our Master, Messiah, observed the Scriptural Sabbaths and traveled to Jerusalem to observe the Holy Feast Days.

      Our Master, Messiah, is fulfilling His Father’s seven Holy Feast Days to redeem the set-apart saints. They represent the true Gospel story.

      I strive to be like our Master and celebrate His role in the Holy Feast Days.

  2. David,
    I have been following the moon phases since Feb 2 and want to confirm with you that today, Feb 20 is in fact the New Moon and start of the 12th scriptural month? is sometimes hard to follow because they list a moon phase a day before or after what our Sabbath would fall on. I live in the midwest and this last week has been cloud covered so I haven’t been able to see the moon to confirm my data.

    • Jenn, I show that Tuesday 02/21 is the New Moon Day. The celestial new moon takes place on 02/20, so the Scriptural New Moon Day is typically the next day. But if the celestial new moon takes place late in the day, the Scriptural New Moon Day may be two days away. You may be able to confirm the sliver crescent moon tomorrow night.

      Troy Miller of Creation Calendar has some great studies which explain the calendar. You can contact him to get on his monthly newsletter, which will help you determine the New Moon Day.

  3. Did I read somewhere that you documented the timing of Zacharias service in the temple, the conception of John the Baptist in relation to Jesus birth on a Feast day, and then every thing he accomplished on a feast day. I reread Daniel 9, I thought that was where I read it could you point me in the right direction?


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