Scriptural Calendar Study List

This Scriptural Calendar page lists the studies by category.

This studies series in under construction, so some of the studies are not complete.

The ‘falling away‘ that the Apostle Paul refers to in 2 Thessalonians 2 took place primarily when the enemy caused Emperor Constantine and the Roman bishops to codify the false religion of Romanism. They move people away from Scriptural truth, away from the Father’s calendar, His Holy Feast Days and Sabbath. Sadly, mainstream Christianity still follows these man-made traditions.
I cover the topic of the falling away from Scriptural truth on this website. Come Out Of Her

Below is a list of Scriptural Calendar studies listed by category.

What The Calendar Is Not

364 Day, 360 Day, 365 Day Calendars

A Repeating 6/1 Day Cycle Is Invalid

What Defines The Calendar?

The Scriptural Lunisolar Calendar

When does a Biblical month start?

What Is The True Sabbath Day?

When Does A Scriptural Day Start?

Lunisolar Calendar Objections

Lunisolar Calendar Witnesses

How To Follow The Calendar

Scriptural Calendar Summary

Observing The Scriptural Spring Feasts

Observing The Feast Of Pentecost

Observing The Scriptural Fall Feasts

Biblical Astronomy – The Mazzaroth

The Gospel In The Stars

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